South Australian Maximum Temperature

 (Long term Mean January)


Comparison of Model Maximum Temperature (derived from multiple linear regression based on physiographic features of Latitude, Altitude and Distance from coastline). 


Model Temperature = a + b*Latitude + c*Altitude + d* log (Distance to coast)



Correlation between observed and model is  greater than 0.9.  Dataset for regression analysis consists of the observed (long-term mean, 1961-1990)  maximum temperatures for January from Bureau of Meteorology stations. From the regression parameters, Model Temperature for all of South Australia is calculated by the above equation.  The Model Rainfall is then compared to the Bureau of Meteorology’s analysed, or derived, grid point data.


The Model Temperature compares favourably.  There are a number of applications for this technique - quality control of station data; and estimating changes in Maximum Temperature due to changes in location.